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     Keeping my carpets clean was taking up more time than I would have liked so I sought an alternative solution. I called BarbicanCarpetCleaners is hopes hiring cleaners who could do things for me and I got what I wanted. Their top staff visits regularly to get rid of hair, dirt, dust and stains, ensuring my floors always look good. I never have to worry about my carpet cleaning again, because I know they will be there to help me.
Leonard Gillen18/12/2014
     I find cleaning really boring and it takes up so many hours of my life. I didn't think I could afford a cleaner but the rates on offer from BarbicanCarpetCleaners are very good and within my monthly budget. They come once a month to give my flat a really thorough clean and the job they do is great. I am very pleased with this cleaning company and it's made a difference to me as my flat is properly cleaned every month, which means I only need to keep on top of the day to day jobs that only take a few minutes at most. I would definitely recommend this company.
     I have been using BarbicanCarpetCleaners for the last few months for most of my cleaning needs in my house and recently I booked them for a hard floor cleaning job. The wooden floors in my house are beautiful but they have some stains on them that I have been worried about and so I thought I would ask if they could sort them out. They got rid of all of the stains in quick time and were as polite and nice as usual. It also did not cost as much as I thought it would which was great news. Highly recommended!
Simon R.09/10/2014
     Most people stay at home and supervise the cleaning contractors but I don't have the time to be able to do that. So, for me it's really important to know that my house and belongings are safe when I leave them with the cleaning crew. Not for no reason is BarbicanCarpetCleaners one of the most trusted cleaning agencies in the city. I never have to think twice about letting them in and running errands or catching up with work when the cleaners are doing their job. If you're running short on time and need a cleaning team you can trust with your eyes closed, give the pros a call.
M. Howards19/09/2014
     I originally booked BarbicanCarpetCleaners for an end of tenancy clean, as well as a carpet spruce up, but I was so amazed with the level of service that they provided that I have them working in my new home as well. The staff are professional, quick and efficient, very important character traits when it comes to cleaning! I look forward to coming home from work the day of the clean, I just love the smell of the house and how beautiful it looks. My friends ask me how I do it, and I have yet to reveal my secret...!
Hannah Colliers04/09/2014
     Speaking from the point of view as someone who struggles with their cleaning duties, I can highly recommend hiring a professional cleaner! My household life is very hectic, so I never have time to do more than an 'okay' job with the tidying, and eventually I decided enough was enough. I got in touch with BarbicanCarpetCleaners, expecting a better than average cleaning job at best, but was left pleasantly surprised! For a service that charges so little, they did a thorough and professional job and because of this I now hire them on a weekly basis. I've never been happier with the look of my home!
Penny W.21/08/2014
     When I was growing up, only the families with lots of money had cleaners so I grew up with a false connotation connected to the people who hire cleaning companies. I was always told that people that had someone else clean their own home were all pretentious and had too much money. This was all until I came across BarbicanCarpetCleaners who made me see that hiring a cleaner can actually be a reasonably cheap thing to do and people hire cleaners for all sorts of reasons. When my first daughter came along, I soon found that lack of time was one of them. I give this company nothing but praise!
     After a few too many glasses of red wine I managed to spill some onto my brand new sofa. I was in such a panic, as my husband had not noticed and we had spent so much money on the lounge suite. In calling BarbicanCarpetCleaners I found a conscientious and responsive cleaning team that were only too happy to come and rescue my soiled settee and provide much needed humour to a stressful situation. Needless to say they had my sofa looking fit and healthy in time at all and I know exactly who to call if such an emergency should rise again. I really could not fault them in anyway, thank you!
Samantha Giddins30/06/2014
     Can your office ever be too clean? No is the simple answer. Which is why I appreciate the lengths BarbicanCarpetCleaners go to in ensuring that our workplace is spotless throughout the working week. We got recommended their services by a fellow business owner who had nothing but good words to say about these guys, so having had a few problems with our then current contractor we decided to give them a call. That was six years ago, and we have doubled the size of our office space since then, and BarbicanCarpetCleaners continue to keep it pristine. Fantastic.
Jonathan Farleigh30/01/2014

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